Hello. Can you hear me?
I feel the echo of my own voice.
But remnants of its sound seem lost.
Scattered in the wind.
How does the air hold the silence?
Words unheard, drawn only in the mind.
With age I feel unhindged.
My skin feels rough, almost chapped.
Like I’m veing ripped apart from the outside in.
I have no tears to shed.
Tho my cries can be heard far.
But the rain releases hope onto my naked skin.
As adrenalin courses thru me.
My hear pumps rapidly, as if my blood is the raging sea.
Every cell clashing against another.
The battle is the setting moon.
Just beyond the horizon.
Slowly breaking the cycle of my own damnation.
Is there no closure? Can I not be free?
When does my power become my own?
I am not a fighter. I have no will to be.
Nor am I complacent. I sit and observe.
In the silence of broken thoughts.
I speak only when spoken to.
I have no quarrels.
My mind can only handle mine.
There’s no relief from this curse.
No hand will have mine intertwined.
Nor will a ring grace my finger.
As time fades I see the reality within myself.
Death is coming for me. I feel it inside.
But I will not run or turn from his embrace.
His grace draws me in and I crumble within his arms.
That touch burns thru me.
Resistance is futile.
I cannot stay nor can I go so easily.
For you I will not say why, you wouldn’t understand.

My mind is fading.
Piece by piece, each moment cracks and breaks.
I’m missing my childhood.
They are fragmented, lost to the wind.
You already know this much.
My travels have taught me to see differently.
Oh the irony, I’m no longer afraid to live.
But death speaks every night to me.
I yearn to love but fear cascades over me.
Encasing my heart in doubt.
You don’t see the extent of my pain, nor do I see yours.
My tears won’t last as long as yours. But they are filled with dread.
I feel defeated, yet the end isn’t here.
I grieve for you knowing what I know.
You’re afraid to speak your mind.
As you worry, your words get caught inside.
Unable to make sound, you already know.
Fate has already decided mine.
My tears still stain my cheeks.
Yours will eventually evaporate.
Many miles separate us, but we are still connected.
Hearts entwined, Bound together through the years.