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Wicked Aht Thoughts

Artistic Thoughts Ya’ll

I am the ink that drops. The lifeline of your memories
Eclipsed in fear. Broken in his resolve.
I am Time. The vision of your dismay at my finger tips.
Balanced thru the chaos of your tears
       April. 5. 21


This is it. The debut. The moment you been waiting. Through the pressure we can find it. The resolution. My wicked smile frozen. Talking with sealed lips. I’m not in your thoughts. I’m in your nerves. I can’t wait to see. you. walk. towards. her. The broken lines of time. Ink divided by miles. A secondary thought. Dust kicked in your wake. And I listening to Karmas words. Faith in the presence of disdain. Forgives the fades.

April 28.21

Burn Out

I have timid thoughts tonight.
They wander from the north to the south, where the wind calls my name and the trees cry for me.
I cannot say what one means by that term. 
Love is more or less undetermined.
The mind cannot comprehend it’s definition.
From one moment tot he next it chances. 
Constant, but like the land that’s cultivated, it can fall apart.
Without water for nutrients it cannot grow. It does like the words of a hate.
In rage it burns out.
Endearment or Curse

June 2020