Wicked Trays.


All Trays Are Multifunctional. 
Great For Casual or Intimate Indoor or Outdoor Activities. 
Such as: Beverages, Food, Charcutterie Board, Smoking and more. 

Weed Trays

Do you love Weed? I Sure Do. XD

Leaves are Real, Encased in Epoxy.

Non Smokable, Sorry.

Made out of Birch board,
Cast Iron Handles, A Burner,
Cinderella Strain Weed Leaves. 
Made For a friend. 

Cinderella S.

Cinderella Strain Marijuana Full Leaves On Stained Birch Boards.

Approx 17.5in Length. Handle to Handle. 
8in Wide. 1in Thick Base with Legs.

Industrial Epoxy, Wood, Cast Iron

Animal/Pets Trays

Do you love pets? Cats, Dogs, Farm and Wild Animals.
Have you or someone you know have a pet that passed away or was lost? Would you like to commemorate their life on a Tray to remember them by?

I create trays with images of your Pets or favorite animal on them. Images can be burned onto wood, painted or stained on natural birch wood. All trays are dipped or painted with a protective layer of industrial epoxy.

Approx. 1.5ft to 2ft in length.
approx. 1ft to 1.5ft width.
Height varies. 1in to 5in. Legs or no Legs.
Cast Iron or Hard Metal Handles.
Up to 10lbs Weight Total. Cleans Easily

Note. Avoid Extreme Low or High Temperatures.
Sub Zero -Temps or lower can shatter product when dropped or having something dropped on it. .
Direct Extreme Flame Over Time Causes Evaporation or Melting.


Burned Bear Image
On Stained Birch.

Approx 18in Length. Handle to Handle.
8in Width. 1in Thick Base without Legs
Industrial Epoxy, Wood, Cast Iron, River Rocks. 


Drawn Pomeranian Dog Image On Stained Birch Epoxy Over Coat.

Approx 18in Length. Handle to Handle.
8in Width. 1in Thick Base without Legs
Industrial Epoxy, Wood, Cast Iron, River Rocks. 

Glow in the Dark

This piece is on Birch board. I used various Marbles in white, black and glow in the dark green with stone rocks. Cast Iron handles. I mixed some glow in the dark paint with the epoxy.

While it is usable, this particular one is more for a decorative purpose. 

This was a Test Tray when I started experimenting with epoxy.


Shadowbox Rolling Trays.

I love encasing my work in Epoxy.
So I decided to make a few Trays from my Charcoal Drawings. See Picture above and to the right of this text.

Faith In God

I did this one for my brother. There’s a semi funny story behind its creation.

When I was pulling the tray from the mold, I pulled a little too hard. The rock that says God, hit me on the forehead and I got knocked out. I woke awhile later to find I had an egg from the rock. 

Materials: River Rocks, Acrylic Paint, Sand, Cast Iron Handles, Birch Board, Epoxy


Paint Pour

This was another Test Creation. 

I wanted to use specific colors for this one. I like the black and white with yellow and gold hues. I added Plastic handles on the sides. 

Materials: Plastic Handles, Acrylic Paint, Epoxy, Birch Board.

Black & White Water Reflection

This shadowbox tray was made a little different than the rest. 

I was messing around with spray paint and accidentally sprayed this wooden shadowbox. I thought it looked cool and continued to paint it. See Picture Above.

Deer Antler Jewellery Tree And Tray

The title really speaks for itself.

Here’s a little description. I aquired a bunch of Deer Antlers. I had no idea what to do with them. Then I thought of using them to make a tray. 

Materials: Deer Antlers, Sea Glass, Epoxy, Birch Board. Wooden Legs.