Charcoal. Is by far my favorite dry medium. I get mine from all around the world. It’s made from willow bark. 
Here is a collection of my pieces. I hope you enjoy them. They are often dark in nature as is an artists heart. 

Landscape, Nature & Cityscapes..

I Love Trees. . .

                 So, so much. . 

I might be a tree hugger..

But I prefer to smoke

                     .   .     em instead 

In the Fade, darkness lurks.
Treading lightly through stills that cascade the white lined walls. Golden crowns surround memories of time. The great illusion shattered. 

Here lies the surreal nature of the Shadows call. Dreams once sacred, now torn and scattered. Forgotten in the bitter taste of Love. Scribbled here are the remnants of my shadow self. Encased in the tragedy of failure and success.

Cast upon the marble floor, every sin of mankind. A drastic response of sub consciousness.

And still pursuit of knowlege ensures our survival. 

La Maison.

De Mes Rêves.

Self Portraits.

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Friend or Foe?

Fragments of ideas I have yet to complete. From Fairy Tales to Video Games to Simple Horror. 

Super hero’s and villans.
United and torn. 



I have always loved going for walks, looking at all the pretty flowers along the walkway and roads. Each had its own uniqueness. Colors change as seasons pass. And we age along side them. So full of life, only to collapse into the very thing that made you. 


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