Mark Painter

Mark Painter's Websites

Chill dude from Massachusetts.

Makes really cool apparel. 

Such as lingerie, club bodysuits, bathing suits, other apparel with his designs. 


Checkout his links or follow his Instagram. Or purchase from his Website. 

Custom orders upon request. Must be able to give correct measurents. 


Do not wear or put any clothing into bleach or bleaching agent, Chlorine or chlorine agent. 
Items will bleach easily. Use color safe detergent in washer in mesh bag or wash by hand and hang to dry. Steam Clean is optional.
Do not put in dryer.

The Rasta Suit

This piece is one of my favorites. Easy to put on. Colorful and full of Sass. 
Great for Parties, water and more.
Hand Wash

Clubbing Outfit

Perfect for the Club

Mini Rasta Slingshots

Part of the Rasta Collection
Bathing suit, lingerie etc,
Hand Wash Only

Black 2 Piece Bathing Suit

Great for the Swimming Hole

Tie Dye Outfit

This piece is bright and fun. Great for swimming and clubbing.


Purple Bodysuit With Cowl

My fav for the Boat.