Want To Be A Model For Wickedaht?

I have a One option currently available.

Brand Ambassador.

Male Art Model – Coming Soon

Female Art Model – Coming Soon


How does it work?

Here’s how it works:
First we have a video call. Where we discuss your likes and interests. I need to know your dislikes as well. 

Some legal photo identity documentation; Must be up to date. 

Virtual document signing to verify your age and consent for dual use of images of products (meaning you can use the images anywhere you’d like, as long as I get the original unedited copies.)

What's Required?

  • Likes dislikes. Color, fragrances, hobbies etc.
  • Email
  • licence to verify age
  • Up to date socialmedia; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. 
  • Any website you own (I’ll automatically add you to my affiliates page)
  • John Handcock Or Sally Handcock legal documentaions for age verification and duam content use.

Then What?

After all the legal stuff is squared away, I’ll ship you a bunch of products. It could be anything from jewellery – bags – shot glasses – paintings. I tend to pack my boxes. So you’ll get a bunch of stuff. I ship usually within a week. 

I currently have a selection of over 1000 Jewellery Items created by me. Several Bags and even more. 

Over 30 Paintings, from Acrylic, Chinese Ink and Waters color. Dozens of charcoal drawings created just for my Brand Ambassadors. 

Elite Brand Ambassadors recieve Oil Paintings.
Must be a brand Ambassador for 3 Years. 

Here’s what you do once you get your package.

  • Take out your phone.
  • Start Recording you opening the box.
    You can do it LIVE on social media if you tag and send me a copy.
  • Take Each Item out of the Box or Package, Show the camera each one and every side of object. Place them in front of you and jusst start playing with them, Try them on. Show the camera which ones you like best to least. 
  • I welcome the critique. 
  • After you get done with the video. Upload it to the cloud, Google drive or photos.
    (dropbox is best).
  • Now take pics of you wearing Items and Holding them. Clear crisp images please. Highest quality you can take on your phone.
  • Once complete, Upload all images and content and share them with me. I’ll provide an email so you can share directly.
  • And then thats it!