Acrylic Painting

Brand New Creations

Time has slipped away from me this year. While concentrating on one path, I lose sight of the others. Time may carry on while many lives will perish.

The Path
This was the way it was supposed to be but.. .
This is How it Ended Up. To be honest I like this way much better. .
The Valley
Here his heart stomps. Broken against the lush gardens. His father knows no bounds. The thirst for flesh has him lost. Torn between primal nature and domestic obedience.
Os Gaze
His beauty once again caressed her skin. Soft golden light grazes on her lush gardens. Bushes soaring beyond sight. Oh how she dances in his light.
Os Morning Glory
His striking light. Fills the valley with life. We who breed like beasts. Cultivate for survival. A forgotten resourse.
Green Grass
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Celebrities. We all know who they are. But do they?


Coming Soon

Humans have walked this earth in such a short period of time in comparison to the animals of this planet. We often do not think about the footprints of history. Time seems to evaporate before us. Always rushing about, trying to create time all the while forgetting how to live in the moment. 

I explore the wilderness in search of the light in the darkness. We as humans are blind to the beauty that lies in front. I wish to see beyond the reaches of sight. 


Coming Soon


Will the good nature win ?


Or will the bad in us conquer?